Sligo's Treasures
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Lariats, Pearls, and Glitz
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Jewelry Main
Iolite, pearls, blue goldstone, glass, abalone, lariat: $97
Mother of pearl, pearl, glass, shell necklace $71
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Turquoise drops, mother-of-pearl chunks, champagne pearl and swarovski necklace on sterling chain-$55
Matching earrings-$24
Mother of pearl, pearl, glass, shell necklace $61
Genuine preserved orchid from Everlasting Orchids, swarovski crystal, pearl necklace $70
Copper plated ginko leaf, freshwater pearls and swarovski lariat $109
Matching earrings $17
Dyed Agate slice, keishi and baroque pearls, jade, agate, swarovski necklace $76
Olive brown biwa pearls, swarovski and pearl necklace $48